Megan's Sugar Gliders
​There are New Joeys Available for Adoption!!! 
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Joeys Available For Adoption
Joeys Available For Adoption
If you want to adopt any of these Glider Joeys in advance please place a $100 deposit on the Joey set you are interested in.  Please note that placing a deposit on the set of Joeys you are interested in DOES NOT mean I cannot later decide to not adopt the pair of Joeys out to you.  As stated on the home page, I screen all prospective adoptive parents before allowing the Joeys to go home.  If in the screening process I deem you unworthy of owning a Sugar Glider your deposit will be refunded to you. Placing a deposit on the Joeys you are interested in just makes certain these Joeys remain available and aren't adopted out before you come for the meet & greet. Before the Joeys can be adopted you MUST come for at least 1 meet & greet. I will ask that you sign the Sugar Glider Adoptive Contract & Healthcare Guarantee Form on the day you take your gliders home.

All of my joeys come with a 1 month supply of food, training treats, a bonding bag/sleeping bag free of charge. I also give printouts of foods gliders are allowed to eat, foods they should never eat, and a recipe to make their BML Diet  yourself. I DO NOT ship my gliders, but will agree to drive 1 hour to meet someone. The full adoption price for the first joey is $350.00 and just $50.00 for the second joey.  I only adopt joeys in pairs.  The $50.00 deposit per joey ($100 for the pair) goes towards your full adoption price of $400.
I will have more joeys up for adoption in January 2022.  Please check back then and Happy Holidays!