Megan's Sugar Gliders
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Other Links
This is the site where I purchase all of the powdered HPW diet formula, joey milk, yogurt drops, freeze dried meal worms, Vitamins, Calcium and various other special treats for my gliders.  It is a very helpful site for glider diet and nutrition.
These are other Websites that have useful information pertaining to Sugar Gliders.  Some of the websites below are to other breeders, some to supplies, some to resources.
This site is wonderful for inexpensive Sugar Glider Cages that are specifically made for sugar gliders (not rodent or bird cages that have been adapted to house sugar gliders).
I think the name of the site says it all.  This is an invaluable source for the new Sugar Glider Owner.
This website has a wonderful foldable travel cage made just for Sugar Gliders.
This site is where you can look up registered breeders in any state in the USA.  You can also look up registered Sugar Gliders and look at their lineage.  This website also has valuable links to other resources such as vets that treat Sugar Glider in you area as well as where you can find stores that carry Sugar Glider Supplies.