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This is my second oldest couple. The male on the left is Phoenix who is a Piebald patterned sugar glider  who is 3 years of age. His mate is is Trixey who is a White Face Blonde who is 2 years of age.  Phoenix is very protective of his mate and joeys.  Trixey is shy but gentle and a great mommy. 
Welcome to Megan's Sugar Gliders.
This is my oldest couple roughly 4 years of age.  The female on the left is Red and the male on the right is Mango.  Mango is a black beauty and Red is a Cinnamon. Mango is my explorer who loves to climb and run around.  Red is the talkative one, she loves to chatter at everyone.  Both LOVE the yogurt drops! 
This is my third couple. Sydney is a Black Beauty female and very sweet.  Zircon is a Piebald, Mosaic, Ring Tale male who is the first baby from Phoenix and Trixey.  They are very sweet and produce a variety of joeys from ring tales to mosaics to piebalds. They are very good parents.
I have created this website to introduce Sugar Gliders to my community. I have fallen in love with these little animals and want to share them with my neighbors. 
Because they are not well known in the pet industry it can be difficult to find products for them. I have created an online care guide and links to sites that carry items specific to Sugar Gliders.  
I have 4 pairs of gliders as my pets (photos below) and whenever they have joeys I look to adopt them out to loving, caring homes. The joeys photos will be posted in the Joey Nursery. I screen all potential adoptive parents and you must come visit your joeys for a meet & greet at least once before they are of age to go home. I also require a photo of their cage, as well as contract and healthcare guarantee form signed.
I am considered by the US Department of Agriculture and their regulations to be a 'hobby breeder'. I am not required by law to have a license to breed my animals as long as the breeding females do not exceed 4 breeding adults.  I do not ever intend to become anything more than a 'hobby breeder'. My gliders are pets first and foremost. I love them dearly and take them with me everywhere I go. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me below. 
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This is my fourth couple. Rarity is a female I purchased from a breeder in South Carolina and is my youngest glider.  She is 1.5 years old and is a Leucistic coloring.  She is mated to Valentinous a Mosaic male who came from Max and Pixey (the last joey before they were retired.)  He is sweet and cuddly.